SASS is a team of professional artists based in the four corners of the US, and working internationally. What you might call a challenge we likely call exciting. Character development, costumes, climbing gyms, management resources, creative consultations, spectacular sculptures, murals big and small, set designs, you name it, we have an expert on the team.

Our 4 hubs, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Portland allow us to give focused fabrication to any region. SASS artists are chosen for their skills, expertise, and ability to collaborate with clients and teammates on innovative projects. Our team members have been working together for over a decade.

We work with you for what you need. Have a brand new idea? We got you. Need ongoing repairs with high demand? We’re on it. Stuck in a tight deadline and need to wow? That’s our bread and butter. We eat long hours for breakfast, and then come back for seconds. Sound sassy? Well it IS in our name.

At SASS we work to deliver great results, exceptional products, and practice a positive productive client relationship. We’re here to help you make an impression.

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